Aggregators and Proxies


This API domains includes value added services built on top of the APIs exposed by banks and other organizations. It shocases how you can build new solutions by aggregating capabilities available through public APIs

Terms of Service

The service has been built only as a demo. Its performance, availability and the data accuracy is not guarantee and could vary over time and without notice.


The Aggregators and Proxies APIs

UK Open Data Aggregator

This API product gives you a a one-stop shop to easily access information on ATMs, Branches, and Banking Products of all the major banks operating in the UK (ATMs and Business Current Accounts APIs are work in progress and not available yet). The information provided by our API is built aggregating the data that, from march 2017, all the major UK banks have started exposing to comply with the remedies mandated by the UK CMA retail banking market investigation. To enable you to get exactly to the data you need we have extended the standard UK Open Banking interfaces to support “filters” enabling query conditions, fields inclusion/exclusion and results limits. Find the documentation of the syntax supported here (see JSON filters for REST endpoints).

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