Self-Image in Relationships

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Self-Image in Relationships

Your self-image is so important. In fact it’s probably one of the most important things that will affect you in your life.


Your self image may include thoughts about:

  • * The way you look
  • * Your height
  • * Your weight
  • * You hair
  • * How intelligent you are
  • * How strong you are
  • * How successful you are
  • …and so on.

Why it’s so important


Your self-image is a mental picture that you have of yourself and is a true reflection of how you see yourself. It’s one of those things that is generally resistant to change. Therefore it can be pretty hard to change your self image.

This is ok if your self-image is good. However most people have a negative self-image, just by human nature – It’s so much easier to see all the negative points about yourself rather than the positive ones.


Let’s keep it simple


This subject can get quite complicated. Personally I don’t want any of us being clouded by all the technical jargon so we are going to keep this little exercise simple.

All I want you to do is answer one simple question:

“What do you believe people think of you?”


The answer to this question is very important so make sure you get a pad and paper or open a computer document and write down what you think.


What next?


Once you have finished writing down what you think people think of you leave it for five minutes. Then come and re-read what you have written.

Hopefully, by the time you have finished reading what you have written, you will get a good idea of what you think about yourself.


Positive or Negative


If it’s all really positive then great. However if it’s filled with a lot of negative thoughts then you need to take action to improve how you see yourself.


Until you are happy with yourself, then there is not much chance of you becoming much happier even if you get good with women. Yes some people may argue that once you get good with women your self-image will improve. However trust me it’s much better to get your self-image sorted by seeing yourself in a different light first, and the success with women part will be that much easier.

That way, no matter what happens in the future – such as splitting up with your new girlfriend, you will still be able to see yourself in a positive light because you chose to see yourself in that way.


What to do now…


If you feel after reading your notes back that you need to work on your self-image then check out this article at Loveawake dating site: Twelve ways to improve your self-image and self esteem. Taking the time to work on this will have a huge impact on your life.