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The Payment Service User (PSU) is the owner of accounts held by ASPSP and gives certificates to the TPP in order to access the details of your accounts or start payment from these accounts. The API is designed on the rest of the template using JSON versions. Mather Richardson's model was placed on stage three using the HAL HYPERMEDIA links. The TPP can work with different roles as described below: I can see it here for them go for. Information Service Providers (AISP), Payment Service Providers (PIISP), Payment Service Providers (PISP). Thanks to HYPERMEDIA, each account is back with targeted links to facilitate access to relevant trades and balances. The result can be subject to pagination (i.e. receiving a partial result in case of having multiple results) through a list of pages by ASPSP. Then, AISP may request the first, second, previous, or final page of the results. Apart from that, there are many other headlines you can read from here and to know what this is all about that is what we need to go for the first time here. Maybe there are some who find it helpful to the rest of the others.

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