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  1. Hi!

I'm facing an issue with the /oauth2/authorize endpoint resp. the activities happening after the customer approves the request. Currently I'm doing the following:

  1. Request Access Token via /oauth2/token
  2. Post /payment (according to the openbanking spec it should be /payments)
  3. Redirect browser to /oauth2/authorise
  4. Type in credentials and verify with SCA
  5. Approve request
  6. window pops up and requests authentication:
    URL: https://api.eu.apiconnect.ibmcloud.com/cmarcoliukibmcom-open-banking-agg...
Additional Information

Authentication windows sample: https://image.ibb.co/eSV1rS/auth_req.png

And forgot about the comment

And forgot about the comment re spec on point 2 :)

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I am having a similiar issue

I am having a similiar issue with: psuoauth2security/v1.0.5/oauth2/authorize.


It is complaining about :


An error occurred while processing the OAuth request.


Error:invalid_requestError Description:invalid redirect_uri



Anybody has encountered this?

Invalid redirectd_uri problem resolved

I resolved the issue - i was missing the /redirect in the Application redirection url when the app was created.

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