UK Open Banking Sandbox


We have built a sandbox to enable developers to prototype solutions using the read/write open banking interfaces defined by the UK Open Banking implementation entity. The functionality offered will evolve over time, as we configure the platform in line with the Open Banking specifications. The Sandbox is not trying to replicate the rigorous onboarding process that a licensed Third Party Provider will have to follow to access real customer data. You can use the APIs published here by self service, creating an account and registering an application.

Terms of Service

The service has been built only as a demo. Its performance, availability and the data accuracy is not guarantee and could vary over time and without notice.


The UK Open Banking APIs

Payment Initiation (Secure)

API product for initiating a single immediate domestic payment. The endpoints included in the product allow a third party (PISP) to register an intent to setup a payment instruction, get customer consent for that payment and subsequently submit the payment instruction for processing The security model of these APIs is based on Auth2.0 and OpenID Connect. You can refer to this link for a step by step instructions on how to access the secure endpoints.

Payment Initiation (Demo)

This API product mimics the functionality supporting the initiation of a single immediate domestic payment, without the complexity of a full security model. It can be used to simplify the initial testing of your application to understand the funcional payload of the payment messages, without having to generate security tokens.

Account Information

The endpoints included in this API product allow a third party (AISP) to register an intent to retrieve account information by creating an "account request"; obtain the customer consent for that request and then retrive account and transaction data. The security model of these APIs follows the same pattern used to secure the Payment Initiation endpoints. You can download from this link a postman collection that you can use to test the logical sequence of calls required to access customer data.

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